Property Refurbishments in Farnborough | Signs You Need to Contact Our Building Contractors at Buildana

Our homes reflect who we are and provide us with a place of comfort, safety, and personal style. But time takes its inevitable toll on a property, and what was once a modern home can suddenly feel outdated, inefficient, or unsafe.  If you're wondering if your Farnborough house might be due for an upgrade, please contact us at Buildana. Our building contractors specialise in various property refurbishments, home renovations, and bespoke home customisations. Building services also include house extensions, garage conversions, and new-build property services.

On this page, we look at the signs to watch out for if you think your home could do with some TLC.

Building Repairs

It’s important to remember that issues with your property may not just be cosmetic. Cracked tiles, warped timbers, or threadbare carpets can become safety hazards. You could trip over them, but older carpets can contain allergens and pollutants.

Water stains on the ceilings and walls usually indicate a leaking roof. Lower down, your property’s damp-proof course may be failing and require replacement. If ignored, water ingress could affect the property’s structural integrity.

Have you checked outside to see if there is anything awry? Faded paintwork is an easy fix, but what about crumbling brickwork or the sudden appearance of cracks on the façade? Again, this could be a serious moisture issue.

Not only can our building contractors at Buildana address these problems, but we can also ensure they don’t reoccur. From property refurbishments to new living space creation, your comfort is our number one priority.

Internal Maintenance

Exorbitant utility bills could indicate that your Farnborough home's insulation or windows are outdated, allowing heat or cool air to escape. Upgrading to energy-efficient materials can significantly reduce both energy consumption and costs.

Flickering lights, blown fuses, or the introduction of multiple extension cords indicate that the electrical system might be overloaded or completely outdated. Ignoring these signs can lead to fire hazards and pose a serious safety risk.

You should also pay attention to the water supply. Do you experience low water pressure often? What about clogged plugholes or leaky taps? These can be annoying, but don’t ignore them; your plumbing system may require an overhaul.

Not Enough Room?

Does your property's layout no longer suit your lifestyle?  Maybe your family has grown, and you need a dedicated workspace, or perhaps the kitchen feels cramped and uninviting. Well-planned home renovations can open your living space, improve traffic flow, and create a more functional and enjoyable home environment.

Examples of our many solutions include house extensions – such as side-return or rear-facing extensions – loft or garage conversions and internal wall restructuring to create more space where it’s urgently needed.

Many of our Farnborough clients also have problems with storage. Our building contractors can introduce clever and effective systems, such as built-in cabinets, hidden compartments, and innovative ideas.

Buildana Can Help

Call us today for further insight into how we can help uplift and upgrade your home. Services include:

  • Bespoke Home Customisations

  • New-Build Property Services

  • Garage Conversions

  • Home Renovations

  • Building Repairs

  • Rear-Facing Extensions

  • Wraparound Extensions

  • Property Refurbishments

  • New Living Space Creation

  • Side-Return House Extensions

Call our building contractors on 07939 057838 or 01252 851411 for property refurbishments in Farnborough.
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