House Extensions and Garage Conversions in Camberley | Which Style Will You Choose?

As your property needs change, your desire for a more spacious home in Camberley also changes. But moving house isn't always the answer. Our building contractors at Buildana offer two popular options for creating extra living space: house extensions and garage conversions. We excel in domestic construction, particularly home renovations, property refurbishments, and new kitchen fitting services.

On this page, we discuss the differences and benefits of both extensions and conversions. If you’re unsure which one to choose, we can always conduct a site visit and offer advice based on our industry knowledge and experience.

Building Outward – House Extensions

House extensions involve physically adding a new section to your existing property. This offers the most flexibility in terms of design and increased square footage. The benefits include the freedom to create entirely new rooms, like a sunroom, games room, bedroom, or a home office. You can decide the layout, size, and style to blend with your existing home seamlessly.

These additions instantly increase your Camberley property’s functionality and are known to add significant market value. If positioned to the side of your house, the complementary external finish on our single- and double-storey extensions will also improve kerb appeal.

Points to Consider

Depending on your new extension's size and potential location, the project may require planning permission. Our building contractors at Buildana can help, and we can manage the entire process for you.

Extensions are generally a more expensive option compared to conversions.  However, when compared to the costs of selling and relocation, these home renovations make perfect sense.

Property Facelifts – Home Conversions

Basement, loft, and garage conversions transform your property's existing, underused area into a fully functional living space. They are more cost-effective than their space-creating counterparts as they utilise existing space where most of the domestic construction has already occurred. Because less building work is involved, both our integrated and detached garage alterations can often be completed in a shorter timeframe.

Although they’re not immediately noticeable, these bespoke property refurbishments will also increase your home’s saleability. Any potential buyer will be smitten by the high standards we’re widely regarded for and instantly begin visualising how they will use these additional areas to their advantage.

Points to Consider

Depending on the conversion type, disruption can be minimised, particularly for loft conversions, as most work is done within the roof space. However, you will be working with set parameters that may limit the functionality of the results.

Headroom, for example, may be an issue in the attic, so bear this in mind if you’re considering a loft conversion.

Buildana – All Your Domestic Construction Needs Under One Roof

If you’re looking to increase the floor space in your Camberley home or upgrade your existing space, we have several solutions for you. Why not call us today and get your project off to a great start with our professional building contractors?

  • Bespoke House Extensions

  • Single-Storey Extensions

  • Double-Storey Extensions

  • Property Refurbishments

  • New Kitchen Fitting Services

  • New Bathroom Fitting Services

  • Home Renovations

  • Property Facelifts

  • Building Repairs

  • Integrated Garage Conversions

  • Detached Garage Alterations

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